Design and illustration work displayed through concept-based collections, featuring hand-drawn and digital illustrations, and technical flats completed in Adobe Illustrator, as well as research, mood and development.


Examples of work in women's sportswear, activewear, knitwear, and intimate apparel. 

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Annalisa Ebbink - Nostalgia V.1 & V.2_Pa
Nostalgia: The Slides
Annalisa Ebbink, CFDA Final, Main Book.a
Annalisa Ebbink - Knitwear Project_Page_
The Cut-Outs
Annalisa Ebbink - Nostalgia V.1 & V.2_Pa
Nostalgia: Projections
Westward Bound FINAL Cover, Mood, Etc-05
Westward Bound
FINAL AI Joie de Vivre - Working
Joie de Vivre
Mood & Lineup-02.jpg
Suburban Distortion
Ebbink - Lifestyle Collection Design - P
Old Court, New Game
Breaking the Cubicle, Complete_Page_01.j
Breaking the Cubicle