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Nostalgia: A Retrospective
Look No.1

Look No.1 of Nostalgia: A Retrospective features a convertible four-piece coat, chartreuse mohair top, and topstitched ponte biker short. The ensemble distorts classic silhouettes and styles in unexpected ways. The color-blocked wool plaid is highly retro in influence, and the sleeve silhouette is meant to reflect the shape of vintage couches and armchairs. The coat, in particular, is designed to be personalized by the wearer, just as an individual personalizes memories of the past with their own perceptions and memories. 

This look was selected for FIT'S Future of Fashion Graduates Collection, which features the work of 75 fashion designers, to celebrate the college's 75th anniversary. The pieces will be featured in an exhibition and film later this year. 

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side back.png
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side back.png
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