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Originally from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, I am a young designer and illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York. 


From my earliest years, I have been completely captivated by fashion; I would often contemplate what we wear, why we wear it, and how it makes us feel. Fashion allows me to shape and transform myself, from day to day, and my greatest dream is to help others do the same. Style can evoke distinct emotions: a strong shoulder to feel powerful, a delicate blouse to feel poetic, a bold print to feel playful. In my career, I aspire to help grow the wardrobe of contemporary, forward-thinking individuals, as they evolve and become their own greatest vision. 


In the Spring of 2020 I completed my BFA in Fashion Design with a Sportswear concentration from the Fashion Institute of Technology (AAS in Fashion Design completed in 2018, Minor in Art History.)

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